Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- What I will miss about Summer Vacation

It's officially back to school time for me and I will throughly miss my time at home.

1. Spending time with my DD-cuddling, playing, giggling!

2. Getting to wake my DD up every morning and having her look at up me from her crib and smile :)

3. Spending time with my fur baby Brooklyn.

4. Watching the "Today Show" every morning with a cup of coffee.

5. Not getting dressed for the day until I want to, or not at all- I LOVE comfy clothes.

6. Going for leisurely trips to the grocery store daily for fresh meal ideas.

7. Having time to do laundry, vacuum and clean the house.

8. Staying up late and not having to worry about being tired the next day because I could take a nap when my DD does.  

9. Eating whenever I want to- not just the allotted 15 minutes a day I get for lunch at school!

10. Having nothing to really worry about and enjoying life in the moment!

What does your list look like?


  1. Sorry Jen :( But you will certainly get back into the swing of things with work when the school year starts. Hmmmmm... what will I miss??? Swimming!!! And also having friend's throw their significant others in the pool with their clothes on...lol

  2. I will miss Hubby getting up with the baby and letting me sleep in. Definitely. And... as much as I like to THINK I'll just keep going places like in the summer, the truth is, without him (or mom friends like YOU) to go with, I don't get as muh fun out of it, so I don't go that many places! I miss summer already!