Saturday, August 6, 2011

The $84 Chinese Takeout Debacle

Friday nights are for getting together with friends and relaxing after a long work week.  This past Friday night my husband, daughter and I went to another couple’s house for swimming and Chinese takeout.  When it came time to order the Chinese I had to feed my daughter dinner and the boys decided to just go by themselves to the Chinese restaurant to order and wait for our meals with a couple of beers at the bar.  I pretty much will eat anything so I left the meal decisions up to them.  An hour later, and my friend and I are sitting around playing with my daughter and her dog when we realize that our husbands have been gone for a very long time.  As soon as we came to the conclusion that they were probably getting in trouble they walked in the door and boy, did they get in trouble when my loose lipped husband loudly said that they had spent a whopping $84 on the food.  He walked over to me and insisted that I feel how heavy the bags of food were, laughing hysterically the whole time.  I went with it, thinking that it was a joke and how could two grown men spend almost $90 on Chinese food for four people? 

The seriousness of this spending hit me when I looked at the spread of food that they arranged in front of me.  I later learned that when the food was ready at the restaurant and the guys were paying for it, they had commented on how it seemed like a lot of food for four people and the cashier looked at them in astonishment saying that the food was probably not too much for six people, but for four people, that was A LOT of food.  What were they thinking?  Especially since the other couple doesn’t eat left-over Chinese food!

I ended up filling up my plate twice that night; totally destroying my weight watchers plan because I felt the need to eat my moneys worth.  We also took home two bags filled with leftovers and have since eaten Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner and STILL have some left.

LESSON LEARNED:  Do not allow someone to do the ordering for you- when it comes to your money, make sure it is being spent wisely!     

This is what was leftover when we sat down for lunch the next day (ariel view)! 

I did not feel too well after lunch!


  1. Oh but I love Chinese food!! Still I agree that three meals in a row would be too much even for me!!

  2. Agree! Next time WE will go and purchase, the men stay home.