Monday, August 1, 2011

My First Blog Post!

I have been behind the blog scene for a while now- learning about other peoples blogs by studying them; asking questions to blog owners; reading different types of blogs from vegan themed to cooking, to blogs devoted to motherhood; I have even entered (and won!) contests from various blogs.  I love to learn and read and talk about what I am learning and reading, but writing has always scared me. 

I have taught 8th grade reading for five years and have absolutely loved sharing my passion and strategies for reading with my students.  This upcoming school year I will be teaching 7th grade language arts which entail the instructing of both reading AND writing- YIKES!  I don't know what it is about writing, it has always been so laborious and frustrating for me.  Maybe it is that I feel like I have nothing to write about, which is as far from the truth as possible because I can talk to anyone about anything- I love to talk!  Getting my thoughts down without hitting the backspace bar and wiping it all out every two minutes is a problem.  

I wanted to start up this blog to become a more confident writer and to build a passion for writing like I do in the other aspects of my life.  I have so many great ideas and personal thoughts on food, being a mother for the first time, educating adolescents, my golden retriever "Brooklyn," - I could go on and on- that I really need to get over my writer's block and WRITE!   

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