Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Scaredy List: "I'm leaving on a jet plane..."

I am an extreme worrier and can be somewhat of a pessimist.  I have a bad habit of thinking of all the things that could go wrong when trying something outside of the norm.  Early tomorrow morning I am getting on a plane with my DH, my 11th month old DD and my DH's parents to Northern California.  I decided to create something called a "scaredy list" to get my worries out of my head.  I am planning on addressing this list when I get back to prove to myself that I had nothing to be scared or worried about.  I'm hoping this strategy will help me to become less of a worrier and more of a free spirit!
Okay, so here is my list:

*  Did I forget something?- the number one fear that runs through my mind constantly!
*  Am I or someone I am traveling with going to get sick from the flight?
*  Is my 11 month old going to scream the whole flight?  Will I upset other people on the flight?  Are her poor little ears going to hurt when we take off and land?  Did I bring enough to entertain her- will I be able to entertain her?
*  I hope the weather will be good- bad weather or too hot/too cold weather.
*  I miss my golden retriever already!
*  Will the hotels be family friendly with cribs and non-smoking rooms?
*  Will I have a good time?  Will my family have a good time? 
*  Will this trip meet my expectations (which are always very high)?

What sorts of fears, thoughts and/or questions run through your mind when you travel? 

Again, I am planning on coming back to this post to prove that I was being a worrier for no good reason!  Wish me luck...

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  1. I definitely worry that I will forget something so I always WAY overpack... and still end up forgetting something, meanwhile sweating to death trying to cart around fifty bags and suitcases! LOL.
    I never worry about being sick or the baby not sleeping ... although I should.
    And I always worry that I will be too tired to enjoy myself. Usually this is true.
    And now a new worry - I worry about my stinkin' BLOG and what is going on with it while I'm gone. Now isn't that ridiculous!? :)