Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Rockin V is Rocking Out my House!

During my family's trip to Napa, I formed a deep appreciation for wine barrels.  I learned barrels are used up to three times to store and ferment wine- but what happens when the wine maker is through with these giant wooden "Tupperware" containers?

They are reborn into wonderful pieces for the home!- enter Frank Villas, owner of "The Rockin V"- French and American Oak Wine Barrel Creations.

During our stay in Napa, we noticed that many gift shops sold lazy susan's made from tops of wine barrels.  I immediately wanted one to take home as a memento from our trip- the only problem was that they were overpriced ($150), and I wanted a lazy susan that actually came from a Napa barrel.  The store owner of the very last gift shop we entered gave us Frank's business card- thank goodness!  When we got home we contacted Frank right away- 10 days later, this is what we received and we were beyond thrilled!

The piece came with a tag with all of the necessary barreling information.  I also love the authentic stamping that makes each one of Frank's pieces unique!

After being so pleased with Frank's craftsmanship, we decided to purchase another one of his creations.  We have been needing a table to go next to our leather recliner in our living room for a while now, but it has been difficult to find a piece that can naturally fill this awkward space.  We contacted Frank, and once again, he wowed us with his work!   
Notice the staining outside of the table legs...that's a wine stain from the wine being stored inside of the barrel at one point!

If you are looking for a special piece of decor to add to your home, especially if you are a wine lover, or you need a one-of-a-kind gift for someone that has it all, contact Frank Villas at the Rockin V.  His creations range from the two pieces my family has purchased to clocks, candle holders and more. 

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  1. Oh wow this is such a great piece!! I love the curvy legs! What a great memento of your vAca!!